2Love Today Mixers is promoting upscale bars and venues with our technology and branding since 1993. My Bar Click Here. We have a hidden web page dedicated for “My Bar” Contract to show bar owners and managers.

You would simply research upscale bars that have an upscale market. I provide you with 500 “My Bar” business cards to drop off at venues and collect their card with an email and name.

We put those emails and names on a dedicated Google Docs I set up and my system does the rest. Once we have an arrangement with the bar, you would meet the person in charge and give him/her our one paragraph Term sheet. If they agree, I go to work for you.


I print and pay for postcards and their staff decides where and how best to distribute to have their patrons and new patrons register for free on 2Love referred by “My Bar” Database with in 2Love Database.

That allows me to share monthly revenue from members who were “referred by” when they sign up from post cards that are used as coasters, in the menus and when checks are given.

Posters are displayed all around that I print up and pay for. The bar gets 20% revenue on all upsells from 2Love. They keep the cash bar revenue.  2Love Today Mixers can double My Bar’s slow Monday night revenue from new patrons.

All Ambassadors get 20% revenue on all upsells from 2Love Today members they refer. You can start up as many bars/venues or other organizations that has potential members in your area that you can handle. My system can handle a lot. Hahaha. Its all based on building a private upscale singles membership with upsells all along the journey.

The mixers are usually done on a slow night like Mondays. I am sure that the revenue they make from our cash bar mixer is more than they make on a slow night and they get new customers. Please let me know your thoughts. My Bar Click Here

Thank you.



2Love Today Mixers Charges $5 per electronic invoice for each member and then sends the RSVP and the member is on the official guest list. (walk ins will be required to compete the registration at the door)

My Bar gives them one free drink (beer or house wine) and keeps the additional cash bar revenue.

At the end of the night, 2Love Today Mixers writes a check to My Bar for $4 per member attended to cover the cost of the one free drink. (beer or house wine)

*2Love Today just bought members to populate the database for upsells to Dates Arranged. My Bar shares in 20% of all upsells as a Royalty.

*Members got a discount and only paid $5 for one drink.

*This way, we know who will be more than likely to attend.

*My Bar gets new patrons.